• New ASTRO 3D Senior Fellow at ICRAR/UWA.
  • Distinguished at the 2016 Institute for Advanced Studies Fellow at UWA.
  • International Women's day: I attended a lunch in the European Commission with commissioner Carlos Moedas along with some prominent women in the area of innovation, research, journalism and academia to discuss gender equality.
  • 100 Young Leaders in Chile Magazine ``El Sabado'' has recognised me as one of the 100 Young Leaders of Chile!
  • 100 Women Leaders in Chile El Mercurio (major newspaper in Chile) and Mujeres Empresarias have recognised me as one of the 100 Women Leaders in Chile!
  • DECRA outcomes I have been awarded a Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) to bring to UWA, ICRAR in 2015. The project aims to understand the cycle of gas in the universe, from the time of accretion, star formation and feedback in galaxies.
  • SKA press release showing key conclusions of the `Advancing astrophysics with the SKA' in the area of galaxy evolution.
  • MERAC prize for best thesis on theoretical astrophysics in Europe awarded to me in 2014. ESO presented an official announcement
  • Springer Thesis prize for PhD thesis at Durham awarded to me in 2013.